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Jamie Leighton: Smoking J

I was born with a passion to cook and the love and taste of all food prepared on the barbeque. I started smoking fish in the ’90s and slowly moved into the big meats like pork shoulder, brisket, whole hog, chicken and ribs.


I knew my way around a grill, but in 2009 I was searching for someone who could show me the art of cooking slow smoking meats at a much higher level. In the process, I met and teamed up with a man who was to become my brother in the BBQ world: Phil Wingo.


After attending Jack Waiboer’s Carolina Pit Masters Barbecue Cooking School with Phil in 2011, I returned home to Canada and started catering under the name Smoking J, which later became Porkmafia Canada Inc.  My passion was no longer a hobby. Porkmafia Canada is a family-run catering business specializing in BBQ southern-style. The food is prepared with real wood smoke and a lot of love.


When I cater, it’s done live on-site when possible and the meat can take up to 12 to 18 hours to cook and two days to prepare on an Ole Hickory Pit CTO DW, which, in my opinion, is the best on the market. My meats of choice are pork shoulder (Boston Butt), brisket, ribs and chicken.



I pair my entrées with my own take on classic sides that I have perfected over the years, such as mac and cheese, smoked pit beans, Brunswick stew, Caesar salad, coleslaw, potato salad, green beans and fresh baked pies for dessert — naturally.


What started as a hobby 20 years ago turned into an obsession and evolved into a way of life for me and my family. I’ve travelled to Europe, the United States and throughout Canada instructing classes in live fire BBQ and I enjoy cooking with friends.




Pitmaster: Phil Wingo

Self-taught pitmaster, caterer, food competitor, food judge and consultant, Phil Wingo is the creator of Porkmafia USA and all Porkmafia predust/marinades, rubs and sauce. Phil is best known for smoking whole hog, brisket, ribs and prime rib in competitions and his catering business. He shares his skill through pitmaster classes in the US and Europe and is a two-time WFC competitor and Culinary Fight Club Champion.


Passionate about food, meat and especially BBQ, Phil specializes in manufacturing seasonings for large restaurants, BBQ teams and anyone who would like to produce their own blend.



Pitmaster & Mentor: Jack Waiboer

The smokiness of barbecued meats over live fire has been Jack’s passion since he was a young boy. Having dedicated his life to understanding wood fires, seasoning and smoke, Jack is known for barbequing using modern cooking vessels and new techniques to create the good old Southern taste on the BBQ.


Fondly referred to as World Whole HOG Champ, there are many BBQ accolades to Jack’s name. He’s a 14-time Grand Champion Pitmaster, host of, founder of Southern Barbeque Network and owner of Carolina Pit Masters Barbecue Cooking School. Jack enjoys teaching others the art of barbeque flavour combinations and serves as a SBN Master Judge, SCBA Master Judge and KCBS Certified Barbecue Judge.